Balanced Physiotherapy

Balanced Physiotherapy

Balanced Physiotherapy believe strongly that almost everybody has the capability of living the best life possible, feeling fit, healthy and untroubled by pain or physical dysfunction. They can offer the necessary guidance, training or treatment to get you where
(or how)
you want to be.


All of their Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Podiatrists are registered with the Health
Professions Council and all of their therapists are qualified and experienced in the
treatments they offer and hold professional and public liability.


Balanced Physiotherapy



The Place to Get Better
Our three treatment rooms and spacious reception area are in the heart of Stockbridge,
close to the city centre.Here you will find  a team of therapists with many years of
experience in a variety of healthcare specialities.




Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to help improve the condition of muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and joints that are not functioning normally. A home exercise programme for the patient usually plays a key role in rehabilitation.




Osteopathy is a holistic, manual therapy based on a unique system of assessment, diagnosis and treatments. It combines a scientific knowledge of the orthodox medical sciences with specialised methods of evaluation and manual treatment. The aim of the treatment is to allow the body to use its own self healing mechanisms, bringing the patient back into balance/ alignment.



Massage and Facials 

Our team of massage therapists have been selected to ensure we can offer you a variety of different types of massage. Please let us know what kind of massage you prefer and we can ensure that you are teamed up with the therapist that best suits your needs.Our specialist facials are carried out by Vicki Jeffrey of Bliss Body who is dedicated to providing facials that acheive maximum result using natural products.




We offer a full Chiropody service as well as musculoskeletal Podiatry assessments for Orthotics. Our Podiatrists are extremely experienced in their field and between them, offer a very comprehensive foot assessment.Please let us know which service you require when booking the appointment.



Pilates-Works is one of the Edinburgh’s longest standing studios and Scotlands leading pilates provider. Whether it be for all round fitness, rehabilitation or elite sports training we have the quality of instructor, the experience and the facilities to help you achieve your goal. Working alongside the Balanced Physiotherapy Team in our deluxe Stockbridge studio together we can help to take you from pain to a long term health solution.



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